Organic Friends' E‑zine: March 2018

The First 'Organic Science Canada' Magazine

What is the best cultivar for growing organic oats?

Are exclusion nets effective in protecting apples from pests? Can we boost disease resilience in strawberries by using with silicon?  

Are there effective alternatives for treating and preventing mastitis?

What is the primary barrier faced by organic processors?

The Organic Federation of Canada and the Organic Agriculture Center of Canada at Dalhousie University are happy to present Organic Science Canada, a magazine that describes in everyday language the 37 research activities performed under the Organic Science Cluster II.

Each activity is summarized with the background, methodology and results on one page.

You will learn about pest management in grain storage, effective sanitation for organic sprouts, and the best use of green manures in organic grain production, as well as other interesting issues in organic production systems.

Click the link below to read the ‘easy science for organic producers’ magazine. We hope that it will inspire and encourage you to partner with research!

*Correction: Article Titled 'Berry Pomace Waste Promotes Health In Chickens' page 43. Partners listed were incorrect. In place of Ailment Breton Inc. we would like to correctly acknowledge Centre de recherche en sciences animales de Deschambault (Yan Martel Kennes and Hassina Yacini).

In this issue:

Organic Science Cluster II

Theme D. Livestock: Optimizing animal health and welfare for productivity and quality

Practical Resources

Scientific Results


Crop Rotation

Marketing and Economics

News & Articles of Interest


Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture - Online Courses Offered in the Winter 2018 Semester

Student, Job and Apprentice Opportunities


Event Location Date
Atlantic Canada Seedy Saturday's : See full list here
Multiple locations: NB, NS, PEI February - April 2018
Alberta Seedy Saturdays: See full list here Multiple locations, AB
March-April 2018



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