Biofluids and Biosystems Modelling Lab (BBML)

The Biofluids and Biosystems Modeling Lab (BBML) was officially created on September 2013 based on two CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation) grants for Dr. Nguyen-Quang`s research activities. The lab continues to be developed and operated thanks to other NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) funding grants. With different research mainstreams, BBML expects to contribute to a direct PhD program within Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture and would significantly involve new aspects of fundamental physics, fluid mechanics coupled with life sciences, and will tackle long-standing problems directly applied to biosystems, civil and environmental fields.

The advisor's accessibility, team spirit, frankness and an open mind, all play key roles in the BBML training philosophy. Students will be trained in the recent theoretical developments on separation phenomena and state-of-the-art experimental techniques, including the very highly advanced Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) and Geographical Information System (GIS) methods, as well as biochemical-physical coupled mathematical models. Critical aspects of BBML training plans therefore include the multi-disciplinary and trans-discipline nature of the various subjects covered and methodologies used to interact, exchange ideas and views, and collaborate closely in a common and truly multidisciplinary research approach.


Tri Nguyen-Quang

PhD, (Principal Investigator) Associate Professor of Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture

Dung Tri Nguyen

(PhD Student co-supervised with Dr. Uday Venkatadri)

Qurat-ul-An Sabir

(PhD Student Co-supervised with NCBA & E, Lahore, Pakistan)

Kateryna Hushchyna (MSc)

(Research Associate)

Kayla MacLellan

(Research Associate)

Dang Phi Van Hai

(PhD Student, Industrial Engineering)

Truong My Thu Thao

(Co-supervised PhD Student in collaboration with Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France)

Ho Thanh Truc

Visiting Scholar (2019-2020) from HochiMinh City University of Technology (Vietnam)

Vo Quoc Bao

Visiting Scholar (2019-2020) from HochiMinh City University of Technology (Vietnam)

Pham Ngo Khoa

Visiting Scholar (2019-2020) from HochiMinh City University of Technology (Vietnam



Dr. Mouhamed Ndong

(Co- supervised  with Ecole Ploytechnique Montreal, Canada, PhD thesis defense in 2014)

Dr. Muhammad Nadeem 

(PhD Industrial Engineering, thesis defended in 2019)

Emily Merks

(NSERC USRA Student 2015)

Rachel Hirtle

(Summer Job Student 2015)

Kalavani Murdymooto

(Co-op student 2015)

Sydney Tilt 

(Co-op Student)

Negar Sharifi Mood (MSc)

(Research Assistant)

Lieou Kien Chinh

(Mater Student, Co- supervised with Ho Chi Minh University  of Technology, Vietnam)

Alexandra Warren

(NSERC USRA Student 2016)