Research Interests

My research interests are wide ranging but with a focus on environmental management, sustainable agriculture and ecosystems, interactions between urban and peri-urban systems, and enhancing opportunities to utilize organic by-products (wastes).  The areas of research undertaken with my research team, including technicians and students, have revolved around:

  • Agro-ecosystem-based studies of Emerging Substances of Concern (ESOC) in agroecosystems receiving alkaline treated biosolids;
  • Evaluation of soil health and agronomic parameters from soil conditioners in cropped systems;
  • Modeling of chemical transformations and dynamics in soils receiving organic amendments;
  • Microbial and nutrient dynamics associated with biochar applications to soil;
  • Composting slaughterhouse wastes, manures, MSW;
  • Evaluation of a continuous flow gasification system with biomass feedstock;
  • Alternative treatment approaches for wash and wastewater effluents from industrial processes;
  • On-Farm management of Specified Risk Materials (SRM);
  • Enhancing value opportunities by conversion of stock mortalities from salmon aquaculture into fish silage for use as agricultural amendments
  • Microbial degradation of plastics.