Selected published research work:


Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system: WO2018216351A1. 2018

Book Chapter

Improving the Conditions of Potato Production by the Automation of Potato Harvesting Tasks Using Machine Vision: Potatoes: Production, Consumption and Health Benefits. Nova Publishers. 2012

Research articles at Journal of Biosystems Engineering

1. A novel image processing algorithm to separate linearly clustered kiwifruits, 2019

2. Detection of potato tubers using an ultraviolet imaging-based machine vision system, 2010

3. Discrimination between potato tubers and clods by detecting the significant wavebands, 2008

Research articles at Journal of Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

1. Application of fibre sensor in grain drill to estimate seed flow under field operational conditions, 2016

2. Estimation of mass flow of seeds using fibre sensor and multiple linear regression modelling, 2013

3. An image processing algorithm for detecting in-line potato tubers without singulation, 2010


Standardization of communication system using ISO BUS between tractor and implement: 34th Mechatronics Research Conference, Ishigaki, Japan, 2014

Introduction of autonomous agriculture vehicle development in Japan: 2nd Eurasia Agricultural Machinery Summit Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Development of Agricultural Implements for Robot Tractor: CIGR International Symposium on "Sustainable Bioproduction - Water, Energy, and Food. Tokyo – Japan, 2011