Dr. Miriam GordonPhD, BSc.

Assistant Dean, International, Animal Science Instructor


Email: miriam.gordon@dal.ca
Phone: 902.893.8055
Mailing Address: 
Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture P.O. Box 550 58 River Road-Haley Institute Truro, Nova Scotia Canada B2N 5E3


Ph.D – University of British Columbia (Animal Science)

B.Sc. Agroecology – University of British Columbia (Honours)

Research Topics

  • Reproductive physiology in ruminants
  • Animal behaviour, health and well-being (welfare)


ANSC0205: Optimizing Bovine Reproduction and Genetic Performance

ANSC2005: Animal Agriculture

ANSC2006: Equine Health Genetics and Reproduction

ANSC3002: Domestic Animal Behaviour

ANSC3005: Animal Welfare

ANSC3006: Companion Animal Biology

RESM4002: Project Seminar (supervise students and their projects)

AGRI5710:  Graduate Module Course

Professional Memberships

Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS)

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)

Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC)

Selected Publications

Gordon M.B., Seemel, S., Thibault, D., Bidarimath, M., Gowan, T., Mosely, D., Small, J.A., and Barrett, D.M.W. (2012). The effects of a soybean and canola diet on sexual maturation in dairy heifers. Reproduction in Domestic Animals; 47 (4): 549.

Iyathurai, G., Rajamahendran, R., Cerri, R., Thavaneetharajah, P., Gordon, M.B., and Dinn, N. (2012). The effects of high and low protein diet intake on the mRNA abundance of mid-luteal phase endometrial candidate genes and ovarian dynamics in high producing lactating dairy cows. Reproduction in Domestic Animals; 47 (4): 523.

Pretheeban, T., Gordon, M.B., Singh, R., and Rajamahendran, R. (2011). Comparison of expression levels of candidate genes in endometrium of dairy heifers and lactating dairy cows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 91: 255-264.

Gordon, M.B., Rajamahendran, R., and Dinn, N. (2010). Effects of presynchronization and post-insemination treatments on pregnancy rates to a timed breeding Ovsynch protocol in dairy cows and heifers. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 90: 34-44.

Colazo, M.G., Gordon, M.B., Rajamahendran, R., Mapletoft, R.J., and Ambrose, D.J. (2009). Pregnancy rates to timed-AI in dairy cows treated with gonadotropin releasing hormone or porcine luteinizing hormone. Theriogenology 72: 262-270.

Balendran, A., Gordon, M.B., Pretheeban, T., Singh, R., Perera, R., and Rajamahendran, R. (2008). Decreased fertility with increasing parity in lactating dairy cows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 88: 425-428.