Franziska Kintzel

Being originally from Germany, I went to complete my Bachelor of Science in Biological Psychology at Maastricht University (The Netherlands). During this time, I conducted research on language processing in healthy people as well as individuals affected by schizophrenia at the University Hospital in Aachen (Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Katharina Sass. Additionally, I carried out neuropsychological testing with different patient populations and started to become more interested in how cognitive processes and resulting behaviour can be measured and later on improved. I spent the last semester of my Bachelor studies at the University of Victoria as an exchange student, where I first got to experience Canada and started to fall in love with the culture and friendliness of people. 

I graduated with a Master of Science in Neuropsychology (Cum Laude) from Maastricht University in 2012. During my studies, I received a scholarship from the Trans-Atlantic Neuroscience Teaching Network (TANTEN), which enabled me to conduct my Master's thesis research under the supervision of Dr. Gail Eskes (and Dr. Eric Vuurman, Maastricht University) in the Cognitive Health and Recovery Research Lab at Dalhousie University. With the help of Dr. Yoko Ishigami, I looked at the effects of alertness on prism adaptation in healthy people. I'm grateful to be back in the lab as a Research Assistant, working on the development of the Cognitive Repair Kit as well as continuing research on alertness and prism adaptation with regard to neglect occurrence after stroke.