A running list of accomplishments (publications, interviews, and other media) that Dr. Eskes and the members of the lab have been a part of.


Role of aging and working memory in performance on a naturalistic visual search task ( March 2021

Saltwire interview, “Have you lost items you tucked away in a safe place?  Here’s why it happens and how to solve it” February 23, 2021


Dalhousie Magazine interview, “Train Your Brain”,Winter, 2020.

Visual Feedback Modulates Aftereffects and Electrophysiological Markers of Prism Adaptation (doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2020.00138) April 2020


QEII Times interview, “Retrain the brain:  How a computer game is helping stroke victims recover the left side of the world”, June 14, 2019


NEWS 95.7 Sheldon MacLeod Show, “Heart & Stroke Annual Report”, June 6, 2018


CBC Land & Sea Documentary, April 2, 2017

CTV Atlantic Interview, “Researchers studying prism goggles for recovering stroke survivors”, March 29, 2017

Global Health News, “Dalhousie team develops ‘prism goggles’ to help people with brain disorder”, March 17, 2017