Current Projects

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The DalCAB

In this project, we are developing a cognitive assessment tool, called the Dalhousie Computerized Attention Assessment Battery (DalCAB). When finished, the DalCAB will provide us with an "attention report card" for each individual, listing strengths and weaknesses. We can then use the tool for patient assessment, to guide therapy and to monitor outcomes.

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Prism Adaptation

Right hemisphere brain damage is often associated with an attention disorder called "visuo-spatial neglect." Neglect is a problem with attending, orienting or responding to information on the left side of the body or the left side of the world. Patients with neglect often bump into obstacles on the left, leave food on the left side of their plate and forget to dress or clean the left side of their body. There is no standard treatment for neglect and our Prism Adaptation (PA) studies are focused on developing this technique to treat neglect.

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Working Memory Studies

Working memory is the ability to hold information in mind so that you can "work" with it - it is like your "mental scratchpad." You are using it when you read, have a conversation, do math in your head, or try to solve a problem. Aging or brain disease/injury commonly affects working memory, and there are a number of ongoing projects trying to understand our working memory is affected and how to make it better.

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