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SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grants

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on September 25, 2023 in Research Funding

SSHRC has launched a Knowledge Synthesis Grants funding opportunity to assess the state of research knowledge on the topic of “Evolving Narratives of Cultures and Histories” under SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future initiative.

SSHRC has partnered with Canadian Heritage, Genome Canada, and UK Research and Innovation’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. This program will support research that will foster a deeper understanding of the state of knowledge about the global challenge of Evolving Narratives of Cultures and Histories. Successful applicants may explore topics such as loss of minority languages, traditions, and historical narratives in an increasingly homogenized world.

This international funding opportunity will include two streams:

  • Stream 1 will be reserved for applications submitted by an applicant or project director affiliated with an eligible Canadian institution.
  • Stream 2 will be reserved for applications jointly submitted by two applicants or project directors, one based in Canada and the other in the UK, who are affiliated with eligible institutions in their respective countries.

The resulting syntheses will identify roles that the academic, public, private, and not-for-profit sectors could play in promoting more inclusive and equitable societies and can inform the development of effective tools and technologies, robust policies and sustainable practices required to support the path toward a diverse and inclusive future for all.


ORS contact: Stream 1 contact the grants facilitator for your faculty. Stream 2 contact

SSHRC contact:


Interested faculty members are asked to submit their applications for internal review by November 30, 2023 at 4:30pm AST

Funder deadline is December 14, 2023 at 9:00pm AST