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ROMEO Researcher Portal

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on September 25, 2023 in Announcements

Amendments to active research agreements (including requests to amend Tri-Agency awards) can now be submitted through ROMEO for review and processing. The guide can be accessed here.

For an overview of the forms now available in ROMEO, please refer to the descriptions below, which are also available under the portal resources page.

Application Level

Applications represent the project or protocol at a high level, and are typically submitted when there’s no existing ROMEO file already in place. There may be some exceptions (e.g. funding renewals, certain types of partner funding) where the researcher will be instructed by the relevant administrator if more than one checklist is needed for the project.

The Investigator Checklist [PDF 401 kB] is used for projects that will or might result in funding / account opening. Examples include sponsored research (grants and contracts), internal awards offered by Dalhousie (e.g. sabbaticals, start up funds, etc.), and inbound transfers of funds. Co-applicant and collaborator grants with no funds currently going to Dalhousie can also be submitted through the checklist, if required by the office.

The Agreement for ORS Legal Review (No Account Opening) [PDF 438 kB] is used for stand-alone agreements that support general research activities, and will not result in a new account opening. Examples include material and data transfer, collaboration or research agreements (no funds), confidential disclosure, equipment, software, and space / facility access agreements.

The Animal Care Protocol Forms [PDF 380 kB] include Form A, Form C, Teaching protocols for the Agriculture Campus, and the Dalhousie Permanent Stock Protocol Form.

Event Level

Events are secondary applications linked to a main level application. Events can be submitted by PIs and project team members. If you require assistance adding a team member so that they can access and work with your file, please contact for awards files, and for animal protocols.

The Transfer of Funds Request form [PDF 190 kB] is used for both original requests and amendments, to transfer a portion of funding to a recipient at another institution.

The Agreement for ORS Legal Review (No Account Opening) [PDF 224 kB] is used for the following agreements and amendments: material and data transfer, collaboration or research agreements (no funds), confidential disclosure, equipment, software, and space / facility access agreements.

The Grant/Contract Amendment Request form [PDF 236 kB] is used for all other amendments that do not fall under the two categories above. The amendment is for a funded grant or contact (e.g. changing the end date, changing the budget, etc.)

The Animal Care Protocol Amendment and/or Renewal form [PDF 157 kB] can be submitted for an existing Form A, Form C, Teaching, or Permanent Stock protocol.

Signing Authorities and Reviewers

The Faculty and Department guide [PDF 153 kB] is available for signatories reviewing Investigator Checklists and the Agreement for ORS Legal Review (No Account Opening).

The Other Signing Authority guide [PDF 105 kB] is available for all signatories other than the faculty and department. Currently, these signatories review projects where work is taking place at Nova Scotia Health, the IWK Health Centre or Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

The Reviewer Committee guide [PDF 147 kB] is available for Animal Care committees who are reviewing protocols.