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AESIS Societal Impact of Science Conference

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on March 27, 2023 in Events

The 11th annual Societal Impact of Science conference will be held in Halifax at Dalhousie University June 19-21. This three-day conference is organized by the Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science (AESIS) with the goal of bringing together stakeholders to engage on the most effective approaches for implementing policies, strategies, methods, and tools to optimise societal impact of science and evaluate success. Over 250 participants from more than 30 countries are anticipated. The speaker list can be found here.

As a sponsor of the conference, Dalhousie has a limited number of free conference passes to distribute. Priority will be given to PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and pre-tenured faculty. To apply for a pass, please email, providing the following information:

  1. A brief explanation of your interest in the conference
  2. Confirmation of your availability to attend the 3 days of the conference (June 19, 20 and 21)
  3. Indicate whether you are: a PhD student, a post-doctoral fellow, pre-tenure faculty, or other (if other please specify).