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CIHR UD Meeting

Posted by Jaq-Lin Larder on January 21, 2019 in Announcements

Hello everyone,

The January CIHR-UD meeting was held by webcast on January 10, 2019. Here are the highlights.

Message from Vice-President Research Programs (Dr. Tammy Clifford)

The university delegates had their first opportunity to hear from the new VPRP who has been in the position for 3 months. She reported that her top initial priority is the development of the new strategic plan with Dr. Strong. In addition, topics such as knowledge translation, ethics, SPOR, the drug safety network international ethical concerns and institutional supports are also topics that she will be looking at during her mandate. She is keen on working to deliver on open grant competitions, peer review, and the College of Reviewers. She reported that she is pleased with the efforts of CIHR staff and will involve the CIHR delegates in her work.

CIHR Update

Pierre Côté reported on three items:

  1. Federal Employees as grant participants
    He noted that there have been some updates to the website and documentation to clarify the CIHR position on Federal Government Employees on grant proposals. The clarification is that these employees cannot benefit from grant funds, including those with adjunct university appointments. Employees cannot be the NPI on any proposal. Questions were raised about the possibility of research staff as co-applicants if they intend to be paid from a grant. This is still under consideration. Changes are found on the CIHR website.
  2. CIHR Biosketch CV
    The Canadian Common CV (CCV) currently contains numerous templates and CIHR is committed to reducing the number by March 2019. To do this, the intention is to eventually expand the use of the Biosketch for many programs. This will be called the CIHR Biosketch CV. This does not mean that the CCV will disappear just yet.
  3. New Frontiers Research Fund
    The inaugural competition is now accepting applications from ECRs, with NOI due January 11 and full application deadline of Feb 7. More instructions are now available online. The portal to receive full applications is not yet functional and research offices are getting nervous. There will be no peer review of the NOIs, only an eligibility check.

Peer review of the applications will commence as soon as possible although details are not yet clear.

Project Grant Update

January 23 is the release date for the Fall 2018 Project results. Applicants will receive their initial review scores plus whether they were in the top or bottom half of that reviewer’s pile.

January 16 is the opening date NOI for the Spring 2019 competition. Webinars for applicants will take place between January 23 and the end of February. Priority announcements will also be available at that time. Concerns were expressed by UDs about the short timelines between competitions. CIHR appreciates this and is constantly considering how to improve this. However, it is a consequence of 2 competitions per year and the need to conduct peer review outside of the summer months. This means there will always be more time between results and next competition for the Spring competition, compared to the Fall competition.

ECRs can email contact centre to indicate interest in the committee observer program. Those who indicated an interested in September but were not selected will be considered for this competition as well.

The Spring 2019 competition will be reviewed by 58 committees. There are some changes to committee mandates which will continue to evolve over time. This is a topic for UDEC the results of the discussion will be shared with all UDs. Changes in committee mandates will be posted as part of the January 16 update to the website.

CIHR also discussed peer review committee composition. The intention is to move to standing peer review committees for Project grants. Core membership will be recruited for 3 years/6 competitions and one third of the members will change each year. Expertise will be added as necessary, and Equity/Diversity/Inclusion criteria – gender, institution, career stage, geography etc. will be applied during recruitment. Chairs and SOs also be retained during the transition, but their terms will also be defined.

Foundation Scheme Update

Stage 1 results were released on December 18, 2018. 178 applications have been invited to Stage 2 with application deadline of February 6, 2019.

ECRs who currently hold Foundation Grants can now apply to the Project Grant Program. No decisions have yet been made concerning the redesign or continuation of Foundation. It is not yet clear whether non-ECR investigators will be able to enter the Project Scheme competitions at some point. Decisions on Foundation future are expected by the Spring.

Scholarships and Awards Update

CIHR Gold Leaf Prizes – Top 20 of 110 nominations going to stage 2 review on February 4-5.

CIHR Fellowship CIHR Fellowship – 1042 applications applications; Notice of Decision April 30, 2019.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships – 517 applications; Peer review meetings January 29-30.

Strategic Competitions Update

Team Grant: Sepsis Research Network – Deadline 2019 -01 -17

Team Grant: Transitions in Care – Deadline 2019 -01 -24

Undergraduate Summer Studentship Award – Deadline 2019 -01 -24

Travel Awards – Institute Community Support – Deadline 2019 -01 -24

Joint Canada – Israel Health Research Program – Registration Deadline 2019 -01 -29 Application Deadline 2019 -02 -26

Fellowship: KRESCENT / CIHR Post-doctoral Fellowship – Deadline 2019 -02 -01

New Investigator Salary Award: KRESCENT / CIHR New Investigator Salary Award –

Deadline 2019 -02 -01

Canada Graduate Scholarships – Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement – Deadline

2019 -02 -04

IHSPR Article of the Year Award – Deadline 2019 -02 -21

Prize: IHSPR Rising Star Award – Deadline 2019 -02 -21

Active and Assisted Living Operating Grant (201805AAL): 4 applications received, 1 funded ($351,285 investment over 3 years)

Planning and Dissemination Grant - Institute Community Support (201809PCS): 122 applications received, 87 funded ($1.44M over 1 year)

University Delegates Executive Council Update

CIHR is looking to form an extended UDEC committee by adding 2-3 more members to ensure representation across regions, and size of institutions. UDs are invited to self-nominate but CIHR will also be soliciting members as well. The UDEC will be meeting before the end of March for 1-2 days, face to face. Topics for discussion are being solicited and may include include review of peer review committee mandates; distribution of funds by equalization over career stage; use of attachments in project grants; timing of release of competition results.

Next CIHR-UD meeting is on February 7, 2019. Bye for now!!

Roger McLeod
CIHR University Delegate
Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty of Medicine