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Information on International Student Scholarships

Posted by Suman Jha on October 13, 2015 in Announcements

The Dalhousie International Strategy Committee (DISC), a committee of faculty representatives and senior administrative staff co-chaired by the Vice-Presidents Academic and Research, has identified the recruitment of international graduate students as one if its priorities.  In support of this priority, a DISC Working Group on Graduate Student Recruitment and Research Collaboration has been established, with representation from a variety of faculties and administrative units.

The Working Group has been researching and compiling information regarding scholarships which are offered by foreign governments to enable students from their countries to study abroad.  These scholarships provide real opportunities to identify and accept international graduate students who come to Dalhousie with significant funding.

The Group has consolidated the information in a table (pdf format) which is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

It is hoped that this table will serve as a resource to faculty interested in accepting international graduate student applicants. Any questions or comments about this table may be directed to