Science & Technology Assistance Program

Our process for Administering the Science & Technology Assistance Program

The OCIE team manages the Science & Technology Assistance Program, which is designed to help small- and medium-size businesses in Canada grow and strengthen their competitiveness through innovation. Industry partners can explore innovation opportunities with Dalhousie research teams that have the scientific and technical expertise needed to address the identified industry challenge. 

Supported by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), this initiative funds a research project valued at up to $5,000 between a Dalhousie research team and an eligible industry partner. These partnerships typically cover 3-5 days of work (or a maximum of 50 hours) per project. Projects aim to assist companies with:

  • New product development
  • Resource allocation/optimization
  • Production process improvements
  • Removal of product performance limitations
  • Product or production cost reduction
  • Reliability/quality improvements
  • Enhanced product functionality
  • Environmental technology issues
  • Strategic planning

At the end of a project, the researcher(s) will produce a confidential report that will be provided to their industry partner and may contain items such as:

  • A detailed analysis of the problem 
  • One or more proposed solutions
  • Potential approaches to a solution
  • Further avenues of research or investigation
  • An academic literature survey
  • A proposed research project description
  • Existing technology details
  • A list of known experts or institutions
  • Copies of relevant research and industry papers
  • Recommendations

To learn more about NRC IRAP, visit their website. 
*If not already engaged with an NRC IRAP Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA), companies are advised to contact NRC IRAP by calling 1-877-994-4727.

A diagram outlining the process for facilitating Science & Technology Assistance Program partnerships between Dalhousie, Industry, and NRC IRAP.

*An OCIE manager will assist in navigating the above process map. 

Eligibility & Application

Companies eligible for this program must be incorporated as for profit and headquartered in Canada with 500 employees or less. Eligible companies must initiate the application process by completing the Science & Technology Assistance Program Request Form [PDF 375 KB] and sending it to the OCIE team via email (

Additional Information

  • The majority of the project funding covers the researchers’ time and limited travel; those resources go directly to the research team.  

  • Companies can have one active Science & Technology Assistance Program-funded project at a time. 

If you have any questions, contact: 

Jade Jiang
Office of Commercialization and Industry Engagement (OCIE)
Dalhousie University
(902) 718-6528