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Dec. 5, 2023

Dr. Sarah Moore joins the MacEachen Institute as a Project Lead to study health equity for youth with disabilities


Halifax, N.S. – The MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance is thrilled to announce that Dr. Sarah Moore is joining the Institute as a Project Lead. As part of the MacEachen Institute in partnership with Dalhousie’s Faculty of Health, Dr. Moore will lead a new initiative aimed at amplifying the voices of children and youth with disabilities in policy development.

Dr. Moore’s project will see the creation of a youth-led advisory panel of children and youth with disabilities, where researchers will work with participants to collect data related to their overall health, learning potential, happiness, and sense of belonging. These findings will be communicated to government policymakers and other key stakeholders to inform the development of Nova Scotia’s Access by Design 2030 framework.

Existing data does not include a specific focus on the experiences and opinions of children and youth with disabilities. These knowledge gaps prevent them from accessing their protected right to health. The project will amplify the voices of children and youth with disabilities and include them in the development of policies that directly affect their health and wellbeing.

At the Institute, Dr. Moore will contribute to its mission by engaging with policymakers and other stakeholders, organizing policy roundtables and panels, and mentoring young scholars. Dr. Moore’s contributions will be integral in building the Institute’s research capacity in the health policy space.

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“I am thrilled to be joining the MacEachen Institute as a Project Lead. The goal of this research is to amplify the voices of children and youth with disabilities, and I am grateful that this project will give youth with disabilities the mic to contribute to policy, practice, and research.” Dr. Sarah Moore, School of Health and Human Services, Dalhousie University

“Sarah is an amazing human being who is fully committed to kids with disabilities. I wouldn't have been able to get to enjoy any sports without Coach Sarah, and can’t think of a better person to lead this work at the MacEachen Institute.Van Bernard, parasport athlete and co-lead of the Youth Advisory Council

“Dr. Moore brings a wealth of passion and experience to this research, and we are looking forward to having her continue her great work at the MacEachen Institute. We are grateful to the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie for facilitating Dr. Moore’s appointment as a Project Lead and supporting this important research." Dr. Kevin Quigley, Scholarly Director of the MacEachen Institute.

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