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Office Location

Room 225, Henry Hicks Building
6299 South Street
Halifax, NS
(902) 494-2184


John Hope
General Counsel and University Secretary
(902) 494-1564

Melisa Marsman (On Temp Leave)
Assistant General Counsel
(902) 494-4307

Isabelle French
Associate Legal Counsel
(902) 494-8474

Danielle Boyd
Associate Legal Counsel
(902) 494-4827

Laura Broz
Associate Legal Counsel
(902) 494-1511 

Sarah Jackson
Associate Legal Counsel
(902) 494-1870 

Heather Casavechia
Privacy Officer
(902) 494-8828

Brenda Williams
Access and Privacy Specialist
(902) 494-6102

Lorna Crook
Administrative Coordinator
(902) 494-2184


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