Microsoft Office 365


Who can use it?

Dalhousie students and employees.

What is it?

OneDrive is a collaboration tool where you can store 1 TB of your documents and files, and access them from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When do I use it?

By default, everything in your OneDrive account is only visible to you. However, you can choose to share specific files or folders with others, and send them links to those files or folders instead of sending attachments.

OneDrive works with Microsoft Office, so you can save Office documents directly to your OneDrive, and not worry about downloading/uploading multiple working copies.

Where do I find it?

  1. Log in to myDal using your NetID and password.
  2. Click the OneDrive link in the top left-hand menu.

How do I share a file?

  1. Highlight the file you want to share, and select Share from the top menu bar
  2. Select the People in Dalhousie University with this link can view section
  3. Select Specific People then click Apply
  4. Enter the names of the poeple or group you want to share with and click Send

How do I get help with it?

Visit the following link on Microsoft's website for more information: