Question guidelines

Dalhousie is committed to being a place of open dialogue. Contract negotiations can be tense, stressful situations, and there are often moments when emotions run high. That said, we believe that all involved—the Board, the negotiating teams, the unions and their members, and students—support a respectful dialogue.

Below are some guidelines to consider when submitting a question to the Dalhousie Labour Relations website:

  • All questions are reviewed before posting.
  • Be clear, concise, and respectful. We cannot answer your question if we do not understand it.
  • While we may edit your question for clarity, we will not change the meaning or intent of your question.
  • Only questions and answers will be posted on this site; not statements or comments.
  • Questions that contain profanity, crude language or threats will not be posted.
  • Questions that have already been answered multiple times will not be posted.
  • Questions that are not related to Dalhousie collective bargaining activities will not be posted.
  • We reserve the right to edit, delete or update the questions, without notice.