Self Identification Questionnaire


Complete a questionnaire

When applying for a role at Dalhousie through our PeopleAdmin online application system you will be asked to provide voluntary self-identification information. Should you be applying for a role that is being supported by an external recruitment firm you will be asked to provide this information through a fillable pdf form.

Usage of Information and Confidentiality 

The information in Section 1 of the self-identification questionnaire [PDF] is required and will be used to ensure compliance with federal government requirements pertaining to the recruitment of foreign nationals. 

The information in Section 2 of the self-identification form is voluntary and you may choose to select “Prefer not to respond” to any of the questions. The information provided in this Section will be used for the purposes of fulfilling commitments within our Employment Equity Policy, as well as through the Federal Contractors Program and within our Strategic Plan.  

Dalhousie's Employment Equity Policy outlines our institutional commitment that search and/or appointment committees will give preference to qualified self-identified candidates from equity-deserving groups in recruitment processes. Dalhousie defines “equity-deserving groups” as Indigenous peoples (especially Mi’kmaq), persons of Black/African descent (especially African Nova Scotians) and other members of racialized groups, persons with disabilities, women, and persons identifying as members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Definitions of each group are included in the form.

The information in Section 2 allows us to implement this Policy and for this reason will be shared with the search committee and/or hiring manager for the position being filled, as well as the assigned human resources advisor and external search consultant, if applicable. All parties viewing this information will have committed to confidentiality and will have received guidance related to the confidentiality of these materials.

If you should be hired as an employee at Dalhousie through this process, the self-identification information provided in Section 2 will also be carried over into your confidential employee file. Individuals who become Dalhousie employees will be encouraged at time of hire to complete the Dalhousie Census that offers a greater range of self-identification options. The information provided through the Census will replace the self-identification information gathered through the search process.  

You may also wish to change your self-identification information during the course of your employment at Dalhousie. Some employees may choose not to self-identify at the time of hire, and may wish to self-identify at a later date. Or some information may have changed, as in the case of a disability, and you may need to update your status as a designated group member.

Usage of Language and Terms in this Form

Language, particularly as it relates to identity and human rights, involves social constructs which evolve over time. The definitions and terms used throughout the form are meant to be helpful functional descriptors. They are not standardized and may be used differently by different people. It is expected that the terms used throughout the form will evolve and change over time and be updated accordingly through the proper channels.

Visit our website to view the Employment Equity Policy, view information about Dalhousie's hiring practices that support equity, or to learn more about the university's commitment to Inclusive Excellence in our Strategic Plan.