Post‑Doctoral Fellows Travel Coverage


Travel Notices

We are pleased to advise that all standard Medavie Blue Cross travel plans will now cover eligible emergency hospital and medical expenses related to COVID-19, subject to existing maximums and all other terms, conditions, and limitations of the policy. As with other health conditions, any illness must be considered “sudden and unexpected” to be eligible for coverage, meaning that if you depart with a confirmed case of COVID-19 you will not be covered for any related costs.

Your travel insurance will not cover:

  • Any COVID-19 testing, including those required by governments to re-enter the country.
  • Any costs related to delays caused by testing requirements.
  • Any costs related to quarantines, including those mandated by governments, such as meals & accommodations during quarantine, trip interruptions, delayed returns, trip cancellations, and possible exposure PCR tests.

If you opt to travel internationally during this period, we recommend careful review the guidance available at around international travel and requirements around returning to Canada, and to regularly check the site for any new or updated information.

Benefits coverage when travelling

Travel coverage is applicable to post doctoral fellows who are enrolled in Dalhousie University’s health plan. Travel coverage is applicable to all eligible dependants listed under your health coverage with Dalhousie University. Coverage is provided by Medavie Blue Cross’ Worldwide Travel Benefit and forms part of the group health policy for post doctoral fellows.

Travel Resources

Active Post Doctoral Fellows:

Worldwide Travel Benefit

Emergency Hospital and Medical Travel

% Co-Insurance



$2,000,000/Participant per incident*; limited to the first 180 days of a Trip if under age 75, limited to the first 60 days of a Trip if over age 75**


Your travel card is your Medavie Blue Cross health card. Your policy number and member ID are as shown on your Medavie Blue Cross health card.

Travel coverage details are outlined in the health brochure; summary of travel coverage is found on page 12 and detailed coverage information begins on page 25.

Worldwide Travel Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for participants who need medical assistance or general assistance while travelling. The assistance provider can be reached at the numbers below:

Canada and the U.S. 1-800-563-4444

From anywhere else 1-506-854-2222 (collect)


Travelling Out of Country

Before travelling, employees should review the coverage information outlined in the brochure above as there are exclusions that apply under the policy pertaining to war, civil commotion, riot and insurrection. Two noteworthy provisions are highlighted below:

- Exclusion for pre-existing conditions: Coverage is for sudden and unexpected illness or injury that requires immediate medical treatment only. The policy excludes any expenses related to pre-existing medical conditions that are part of an established treatment plan prior to the Trip.

- Exclusion for level 3 and 4 travel advisories: If, prior to the Trip departure date, the Government of Canada issues a level 3 or 4 travel advisory for a country or region, any expenses related to the travel advisory will not be covered. Expenses non-related to the travel advisory will be covered as usual.  

For further information regarding these exclusions please contact Employee Benefits.


Travelling Out of Country for more than 180 days

If you plan to travel outside of Canada for more than 180 days, you are required to contact Nova Scotia MSI because you may be eligible for an extension of MSI coverage. Please contact if your MSI coverage ends as your participation in the group health and dental plan is dependant on having active provincial health coverage.

Please note: travel coverage is limited to the first 180 days of a trip for those under age 75, and the first 60 days of a trip if over age 75. Travel coverage extensions are not possible.