Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) was established by the President in 1992 to advise on budgetary matters. The BAC members do not serve as representatives of particular interests but are chosen for their knowledge and individual expertise. The BAC employs an open and consultative approach to budget discussions at the university.

The current membership of the Committee includes:

Frank Harvey (Chair) Provost and Vice-President, Academic (Acting)
Gitta Kulcycki Vice-President, Finance & Administration 
Jody Couch Administrative Unit Director
Sophia Stone
Professor & Chair, Department of Biology
President's Nominee
Christopher Hartt
Professor, Faculty of Agriculture
Senate's Nominee
Graham Gagnon Dean
Allison Luscombe Student Member
Shamar Burrows Student Member
Cheryl Earle Chief Financial Office & AVP Finance 
Mary-Ann Rowlston Director, Budgets and Financial Analysis
Sonia Beattie Vice-Provost, Planning and Analytics
Jennifer Murray Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Provost Office
Cindy Bray-Willett Finance Operations Manager

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Budget Advisory Committee at BAC@dal.ca.