DalSAFE is Dalhousie’s integrated safety messaging system — a common platform for safety and security information.

The DalSAFE mobile app has been helping students, faculty, staff and community members stay connected with safety and security information for over five years now, with nearly 8,000 active subscribers.

Now, DalSAFE also helps the university distribute Campus Alerts (formerly Dal Alerts) for significant campus closures, major campus hazards and other urgent events.

  • Download the DalSAFE app for notifications about safety/security on campus and access to services including mobile blue light (to contact Dal Security in the event of a serious incident), Tiger Patrol information, campus maps/parking and more.
  • Look for DalSAFE Campus Alerts in your dal.ca email, on the dal.ca website, on Dal’s social media feeds and as push notifications from the DalSafe mobile app.
  • You can also receive DalSAFE Campus Alerts via SMS text messagesign up to subscribe. (If you were a DalAlert subscriber previously, you need to re-subscribe.
If you have questions about the DalSAFE system, email dalsafe@dal.ca.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different ways I can receive DalSAFE Campus Alerts?

In the event of significant campus closures, major campus hazards and other urgent events, a “Campus Alert” may be sent by:

  • SMS text message — by subscription
  • Campus email
  • Visiting dal.ca or myDal
  • Through app alerts from the DalSAFE mobile app
  • Through Dal’s social accounts: @dalhousieu, @dalsecurity and @dalagriculture on Twitter

I subscribed for Dal Alert SMS text messages previously. Why do I need to re-subscribe to receive DalSAFE Campus Alerts via text?

In order to provide the best, most reliable communications during urgent campus events, we need to rebuild our SMS text subscription lists from scratch.

One of the main reasons for doing this is to allow distinct communications between Halifax and Truro. The old Dal Alert system was developed prior to the merger with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, and did not have the ability to send specific communications to one campus or another. Major events like winter storms, for example, can often affect Halifax and Truro campuses very differently and require distinct communications. DalSAFE Campus Alerts will allow us to get each campus with information they need.

Do I need to download the DalSAFE app to receive Campus Alerts?

No, you can subscribe for Campus Alerts via SMS text messaging without downloading the app itself. Downloading the DalSAFE app will give you access to a wide variety of safety and security information and services in addition to being able to receive push notifications.

Do I need to subscribe for DalSAFE Campus Alerts via email?

If you are a faculty, staff or student at Dal, you are automatically signed up to receive Campus Alerts via email.

In what situations will Dalhousie send Campus Alerts?

Campus Alerts will be used in the event of:

  • significant campus closures (severe weather, major utility outage, etc.)
  • major campus hazards (spill, fire, accident, etc.)
  • other unpredictable events that might impact large groups

If you download the DalSAFE app and turn on push notifications, you will also receive updates around other security and safety events of note. When an announcement involves one of the scenarios above, it will be labelled clearly as a Campus Alert.