The Clean Technologies Research Institute (CTRI)

The Clean Technology Research Institute was established to support transformational advances in clean technology through research, education and outreach.  The Institute recognizes the importance and supports interdisciplinary approaches linking technology development, deployment as well as the social and environmental impact.  By fostering these linkages, the Institute will address critical challenges in sustainable growth.

Vision and objectives:

  • To build the international reputation of Dalhousie University as a leader in the development of clean technologies, especially in the areas of clean energy and storage; environmentally sustainable materials and clean manufacturing; sustainable civil infrastructure; and water management.
  • To provide the best training opportunities in Canada for undergraduate and graduate students in clean technologies research.
  • To stimulate economic development in Nova Scotia and Canada, through innovation, commercialization, and strategic research partnerships with the private, academic and government sectors.
  • To incubate and accelerate the adoption of new clean technologies for export orientated markets.