Research Examples

Broad ranging research covering a large variety of topics

Just a few examples of the innovative research taking place at the Aquatron include:

  • Dr. Christophe Herbinger is working with Artic Charr to try and identify the genetic basis of social interactions among fish and how this might impact fish growth. This will provide clues to help the aquaculture industry develop better strains of charr for culture.

  • Dr. Chris Taggart and PhD student Franziska Broell are developing high-frequency micro-accelerometer fish tags that record information about fish behavior, activity and growth rate. Of particular interest is that based on their laboratory studies, for the first time we may be able to monitor fish growth in the wild – something that has never been achieved before.

The Aquatron is developing a ballast water treatment testing program to help companies develop and approve systems to stop the movement of aquatic invasive organisms throughout the world.