Residence Videos

The sights and sounds of your next great experience

These videos provide a glimpse into what living in residence at Dalhousie is like. It's not quite the same as being here, but it will give you a brief snapshot of what life is like on our campuses.

Howe Hall

Located on Studley Campus and home to 716 students, welcome to Howe Hall! Watch this video to learn more about living in this residence.

The Residence Experience

Welcome to Dalhousie! Find out more about the residence experience for our students.

Tour the Model Suite in LeMarchant Place

Join Dalhousie students Caitlin and Joelle as they visit a model three-bedroom unit in LeMarchant Place for the first time.

LeMarchant Place

Dal's newest residence is home to 326 students and located on Studley Campus. Have a look inside LeMarchant Place for your chance to see what it's like to live here.

Agricultural Campus Residences  

With three different residences, there's something for everyone on our Agriculture Campus. Learn more about the options available and what residence life is like for these students.

Risley Hall

Located behind the Student Union Building on Studley Campus, Risley Hall houses 490 students. Check out this video for a sneak peak at what life is like in this residence.

Shirreff Hall

Home to about 440 students, have a look inside Shirreff Hall and see what life is like for the students who live here. 

Gerard Hall

Home to 241 students, Gerard Hall is located in the heart of downtown on Sexton Campus. Learn more about what life is like in this residence.

Cooking with Chef Joe

Dalhousie Food Services Executive Chef Joe Farrell teaches students a simple pasta dish. These types of lessons teach essential life skills for the future. 

Local Food Day: Sweet Potatoes

Meet the farmer who grew the delicious sweet potatoes served in our residence meal halls and find out how he's growing them in Atlantic Canada. Dalhousie Food Services Rai-Lee Gardiner gives some great insights on the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes.

Local Food Day: Carrots

Meet the farmer who grew the versatile carrots we eat in our residence meal halls every day and find out everything about their farming operation. Dalhousie Food Services Rai-Lee Gardiner gives some great insights on the nutritional benefits of carrots.

Farm-to-Table Program

Join culinary staff from Dalhousie Food Services (Halifax campus) on a road trip to Basinview Farms in Canning, Nova Scotia. See firsthand where many varieties of fresh produce served in Dal dining halls are grown.

Dalhousie’s Off-Campus Meal Plans

Want your mealtime cooking and cleaning done for you? Learn more about the benefits of having an off-campus meal plan…they’re not just for residence students. All students at Dalhousie can enjoy meals in our centrally-located dining halls!