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Residence Videos

The sights and sounds of your next great experience

These videos provide a glimpse into what living in residence at Dalhousie is like. It's not quite the same as being here, but it should give you an idea.

Howe Hall

Let Residence Assistant Kirby Hayes take you on a tour of Howe Hall and its many great features including the dining hall, laundry facilities, and security system.

Study, work, and play on campus

Hear about residence life from a Dal student who chose to become a residence assistant.

Tour the model suite in LeMarchant Place

Join students Caitlin and Joelle as they see a model three-bedroom suite in our newest residence in LeMarchant Place.

Residence life

Take a look inside Shirreff Hall and hear about residence life, meals, classes, Dalplex and more from a Dal student.

Agricultural Campus Residences  

Let Jakob and Charlotte tell you about life in Trueman, Fraser and Chapman Houses, located on our Agricultural Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Risley Hall

Join long-time Risley resident Mike Curry for a guided tour of Risley Hall, including the lounges, kitchens, laundry rooms and the dining hall.

Shirreff Hall

Let Arielle Detraz tell you about Shirreff Hall's unique history and atmosphere. Learn more about the services and amenities offered in one of Dal's most picturesque residences.

Food that makes students happy

Executive Chef Michael Silvester is passionate about the food he prepares and the people he serves. Mike and his team prepare about 5,400 meals a day at four dining halls on Dalhousie's Halifax campus. That’s a lot of carrots -- along with many other fresh, nutritious ingredients, many of them sourced right here in Nova Scotia.

Helping students eat right

Meet Dalhousie Food Service’s very own registered dietitian serving the Halifax campus. By offering one-on-one nutritional advice, dining hall tours, and a new food labelling education program, Angela’s goal is to help students succeed – in school and in life – through healthy eating.

Sexton Campus Residences

Located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Gerard Hall and O’Brien Hall are ideal residence options for students enrolled in a program on the Sexton Campus, or those interested in living closer to downtown.

Farm-to-Table Program

Join culinary staff from Dalhousie Food Services (Halifax campus) on a road trip to Basinview Farms in Canning, Nova Scotia. See firsthand where many varieties of fresh produce served in Dal dining halls are grown.

LeMarchant Place 

Let LeMarchant Place resident, Laura, tell you what it’s like living in our newest community. Learn more about what you’ll find in each suite and see some of the common areas like the kitchens, laundry rooms and lounges.

Off-Campus Meal Plans

Want your mealtime cooking and cleaning done for you? Learn more about the benefits of having an off-campus meal plan…they’re not just for residence students. All students at Dalhousie can enjoy meals in our centrally-located dining halls!