Why do your MSc in microbiology and immunology at Dal?

You will be introduced to independent research, which should generate new knowledge suitable for publication in a well-respected journal in your field. Completion of the MSc degrees generally takes 2-3 years.

Program Details

Master of Science (MSc)


The graduate program is designed to provide you with the foundation to excel in a competitive research environment.

Graduate training is first and foremost a research degree. You will be expected to aggressively pursue an independent research project that provides the foundation for your graduate thesis.


  • Classes: You are required to take MICI 5400 as well as any classes required by your supervisory committee, usually not more than one or two.
  • Journal Club: Attend weekly classes where you will present on cutting edge publications in your research area
  • Seminar: Present two departmental seminar of acceptable quality
  • Departmental Seminar: Attend weekly departmental seminar – minimum 80 per cent attendance
  • Thesis and oral examination: Produce an acceptable thesis and defend it successfully

Choosing a supervisor

After you apply to the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and before you have received an acceptance, we encourage you to visit the department or start an email correspondence with faculty members whose research interests you.

Find a research supervisor that matches your interests

  • Discuss ideas and projects with prospective supervisors
  • Ask faculty for descriptions of possible research projects
  • Email the Graduate Secretary for general information


MSc thesis defence

Once your research thesis is complete, you will make a 20-minute public oral presentation of your work. You will then have an opportunity to defend your thesis by answering questions asked by the examining committee. For more information check out the Graduate Handbook on our department site.

Important dates

The following areas of our site contain important information on deadlines. You should review these dates carefully to ensure you avoid incurring additional costs and are considered for all possible funding opportunities.

Deadline Location
Funding Deadlines Funding Opportunities
(registration deadlines under Forms and Documents; deadlines for individual opportunities listed on relevant pages)
Final Thesis Submission Deadline Submitting Your Thesis
Registration Deadlines Registration Information
Convocation Convocation - Graduates
Other Dates and Deadlines Graduate Studies Calendar



Graduate handbook

This booklet provides graduate students and faculty with a description of specific procedures and degree requirements for graduate study in Microbiology & Immunology at Dalhousie University. Unusual situations may require some individual modifications to be made through discussions with supervisors and supervisory committees.