Current Scholarship Holders


2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

Holly Amos

"As I enter the Marine Management program at Dalhousie, I am appreciative of the support from the Sobey Fund for Oceans to pursue my research interests. With a background in nutrition and healthcare, I am passionate about creating environments that are supportive of health for all. A key component of building healthy environments is a food system meets the demands placed upon it, without harming the integrity of the ecosystems and environments that we source our food from. With a growing global population and increased pressure on our food systems, it is important to explore how we can align human health and environmental health. My proposed research will explore how human health and environmental health can be considered together to develop nutrition recommendations for fish and seafood consumption that support environmental sustainability and optimal health for Canadians. By aligning human health and environmental health we can effect change in policy, legislation and practice to ensure sustainable food systems that feed a healthy population."