Current Scholarship Holders


2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients

Tracy MacKeracher

"I am thrilled to receive the Sobey Fund for Oceans Scholarship to support my studies at Dalhousie. Through my PhD research, I aim to understand and quantify the socio-cultural, ecological and economic processes underpinning the sustainability of Nova Scotia’s lobster fisheries. I am very grateful to the Sobey Fund for Oceans for supporting this research, which I hope will contribute to sustainable fisheries management by providing an integrated approach for managing fisheries as social-ecological systems."


Noémie Roy

"I wish to help coastal communities thrive through a balance between sustainable resource use and biodiversity conservation. I am grateful to receive the Sobey Fund for Oceans scholarship, because it will allow me to gain knowledge on sustainable development, fisheries economics and area-based conservation through the Master of Marine Management. During my master’s degree, I will conduct interdisciplinary research on marine protected areas as tools for both conservation and ecosystem service provision. My goal is to find management strategies that support both healthy oceans and the livelihood of fishing communities."