Current Scholarship Holders


2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients


Cailey Dyer

"I am very excited to continue my studies in Marine Management at Dalhousie this fall and to do so with the support of the Sobey Fund for Oceans Scholarship. During my studies, I hope to bring my past experiences working in policy spaces to the Marine Management program and develop interdisciplinary ways to tackle complex challenges facing the marine management community. In particular, I am interested in examining best practices for developing marine protected areas in Canada’s Arctic. Using Indigenous knowledge, science, and policy, the goal of my research is to discover how to best work with communities and incorporate local, on the ground knowledge, in what has historically been a science-led space. "

Corie Rooyakkers

"I am extremely grateful to be receiving the Sobey Fund for Oceans scholarship as I start my graduate studies at Dalhousie University in the Master of Marine Management program. I have an educational background in biochemistry and molecular biology, and a professional background in environmental enforcement. I have seen firsthand the common disconnect between science and policy, and the associated opportunity for improvement. I believe that one of the most successful methods to manage and protect the marine environment is through improved legislation. I am excited to explore this in my studies at Dalhousie University, to learn about the obstacles and suggested resolutions, and to use my multidisciplinary background to help support a path forward with the ultimate goal of protecting the marine environment."

Debra Sinarta

"I am very grateful to receive the Sobey Fund for Oceans Scholarship to support my graduate studies in the Marine Affairs Program. My research will aim to assess the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in achieving ecological and social goals. I'm especially interested in studying climate change adaptation strategies and human well-being outcomes, which I hope will contribute practical adaptive management strategies through a multidisciplinary approach. I am also passionate about the role Indigenous governance and local stewardship plays in the planning and management of MPAs, and I hope to explore more effective ways to incorporate local stakeholders in this process."


Hannah Solway

"As I continue my education by pursuing an MSc, I look forward to applying my undergraduate knowledge and background in Conservation Biology to this degree. Throughout this degree, I will be continuing my undergraduate honours research, investigating the interactions between baleen whales, vessels, and entanglement in the North West Atlantic Ocean. Using Geographic Information Systems, statistical modelling, and various data sources, I will be researching where baleen whale vessel strikes and entanglement may be most likely, along with any other associated inquiries. I hope to use this research to help implement changes in marine management and policy to help better protect baleen whales in the North West Atlantic Ocean. I am very proud and honoured to have received the Sobey Fund For Oceans Scholarship, and look forward to all that I will achieve with this support"