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Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom

Posted by nte on February 28, 2017 in In Action
Image courtesy of Soapbox Productions.
Image courtesy of Soapbox Productions.

Tues. 28 Feb 2017 (10:00PM EST).
Repeated again: 1 Mar 2017 (1:00AM EST)

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Summary: Advances in medical technology and acceptance of gay marriage have fuelled a surrogate baby boom in Canada.  Canadian surrogates are so desirable, foreign would-be parents now flock to Canada too. Everyone makes money off the deal, except the surrogate moms themselves. Having our Baby follows two childless couples and their surrogates as they navigate the legal and ethical challenges of this most intimate and contentious of transaction.

Françoise Baylis appears as an interviewee in this documentary on the topic of contract pregnancy ("surrogacy") in Canada.

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