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Recent Publications:

Robicheau BM, Tolman J, Rose S, Desai D, LaRoche J. 2023. Marine nitrogen-fixers in the Canadian Arctic Gateway are dominated by biogeographically distinct non-cyanobacterial communities. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 99(12): fiad122.

Robicheau BM, Tolman J, Desai D, LaRoche J. 2023. Microevolutionary patterns in ecotypes of the symbiotic cyanobacterium UCYN-A revealed from a Northwest Atlantic coastal time series. Science Advances 9(39): eadh9768.

Colombo M, LaRoche J, Desai D, Li J, Maldonado MT. 2023. Control of particulate manganese (Mn) cycling in halocline Arctic Ocean waters by putative Mn‐oxidizing bacterial dynamics. Liminology and Oceanography 68(9): 2070-2087.

Hendricks A, Mackie CM, Luy E, Sonnichsen C, Smith J, Grundke I, Tavasoli M, Furlong A, Beiko RG, LaRoche J, Sieben V. 2023. Compact and automated eDNA sampler for in situ monitoring of marine environments. Scientific Reports 13: 1-13

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Landou E, Lazar B, LaRoche J, Fennel I, Berman‐Frank I. 2023. Contribution of photic and aphotic N2 fixation to production in an oligotrophic sea. Liminology and Oceanography 68(3): 692-708.

Raes EJ, Tolman J, Desai D, Ratten J-M, Zorz J, Robicheau BM, Haider D, LaRoche J. 2022. Seasonal bacterial niche structures and chemolithoautotrophic ecotypes in a North Atlantic fjord. Scientific Reports 12(15335): 1-13.

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Chen X, Wei W, Xiao X, Wallace D, Hu C, Zhang L, Batt J, Liu J, Gonsior M, Zhang Y, LaRoche J, Hill P, Xu D, Wang J, Jiao N, Zhang R. 2022. Heterogeneous viral contribution to dissolved organic matter processing in a long-term macrocosm experiment. Environment International 158:106950.

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Roy AS, Woehle C, LaRoche J. 2020. The Transfer of the Ferredoxin Gene From the Chloroplast to the Nuclear Genome Is Ancient Within the Paraphyletic Genus Thalassiosira. Frontiers in Microbiology 11:2389.

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