Current Lab Members


Stefan Heinze-Milne

Stefan is a doctoral student with Dr. Susan Howlett studying the effects of testosterone on the heart’s structure and function. Before working with Dr. Howlett he completed a BSc and MSc in kinesiology. He has previously worked on various studies investigating how exercise interventions can help diseased populations (i.e., cancer & arthritis). Stefan aims to incorporate exercise interventions into his future research. He is passionate about knowledge translation and likes engaging the public regarding science in healthcare.

Shubham Banga

Shubham is an MSc student in the Howlett lab. He completed his BSc at University of Alberta in Biochemistry (Honors) in 2018. Shubham brings his research experience from biochemistry and analytical chemistry to the lab and hopes to learn more pharmacological and physiological techniques. Shubham is interested in cardiovascular and ageing research and hopes to contribute positively to the lab and this area of research. In his free time, he enjoys video games, tennis, table tennis, and to explore the vast outdoors.


Dr. Jiequan Zhu

Dr. Jiequan Zhu is a research associate and a member of Dr. Susan Howlett’s Lab in the Department of Pharmacology, Dalhousie University.  He received his M.D. and PhD from Tongji Medical University in China then worked as Deputy Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory in the same University. Prior joining the Howlett lab, he finished his post-doctoral research studying antiarrhythmic drug effects and electrophysiological mechanisms of ischemic preconditioning in Dr. G. Ferrier’s lab in same Department.  For the last decade, he has been interested in sex and aging-related cardiac excitation-contraction coupling mechanisms and intracellular calcium homeostasis in the heart and vasculature.


Peter Nicholl

Peter grew up mostly on Cape Bretton Island, leaving to attend Acadia University to study Chemistry.  He found lab work suited him while working with Fisheries and Oceans, followed by a few years with a small biotech company, Endogro Systems.  A resident of the Halifax area since Acadia, he joined the Howlett lab in 1990. Since that time has had the privilege to train, mentor, and babysit numerous excellent scientists and friends.  He has had the good fortune to spend time with them all at work, at scientific meetings, and at many of the department’s social events.  Some of his other interests are curling, wood working and managing the Tupper Building softball team.


Elise Bisset

Elise started her MSc degree in Dr Howlett’s lab in Septermber 2019.  She started as an assistant research technician in the Howlett lab in the summer of 2018. Born in Ottawa, she completed her BSc in biopharmaceutical sciences from the University of Ottawa. She found the joy of research while volunteering then working in a mitochondrial laboratory during the last year of her undergraduate degree. In her free time she enjoys baking and music.

Ninh Khuong

Masters student Ninh Khuong is enjoying her research in Dr. Howlett's lab. She completed a Biochemistry Honours degree with a Minors in Biology at Mount Allison University. She was a freelance science writer for The Argosy and Outside of her research, she volunteers as an Innovation Lab Assistance at The Discovery Center. Aside from her avid love for science and kids (and dogs), she enjoys swimming in lakes and being outdoors.


Dr. Manish Mishra

Manish is a post-doctoral fellow in the Howlett lab.  He arrived in October 2019 from UC Davis after a post-doc there.  He obtained his PhD from the Unviersity of Saskatchewan.     


Honours/Summer Students


David Sapp

David is a summer student in Dr. Howlett’s lab, and a native of Halifax.  He is currently enrolled in a Biochemistry specialist program at the University of Toronto.  He is very pleased to have an opportunity to be exposed to leading edge research early in his educational career.  He is enthusiastic about Cardiovascular research and plans to continue working in this area.  David enjoys cross-country running and spends much of his spare time on the water, sailing.