Atlantic Region

Dalhousie University is one of Canada’s leading universities widely recognized for outstanding academic quality and the opportunities presented by a broad range of educational and research activities. Dalhousie, part of the vibrant Nova Scotia community since 1818, attracts high achieving, motivated and engaged students from around the world. It provides a unique, interactive and collaborative environment with diverse, challenging academic programs and career-oriented opportunities.

The academic partners for Fish-WIKS at Dalhousie University are Dr. Lucia Fanning, Professor, Marine Affairs Program and Mr. Chris Milley, Adjunct Professor, Marine Affairs Program.

Since 1999, Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) has represented Cape Breton’s Mi’kmaq voice on natural resources and environmental concerns.  UINR represents the five Mi’kmaq communities of Unama’ki and was formed to address concerns regarding natural resources and their sustainability.  UINR’s goals:  To provide resources for Mi’kmaq equal participation in natural resource management in Unama’ki and its traditional territory; to strengthen Mi’kmaq research and natural resource management while maintaining our traditions and world views; to partner with other groups sharing the same desire to protect and preserve our resources for future generations.

Ms. Shelley Denny, Biologist, is the Fish-WIKS partner from UINR.