PREP (Professional & Research Education Program)

PREP responds to the need for professional and research education and training beyond what is offered in traditional academic programs. This Program was initiated in May 2006 (as the IHRTP - Integrated Health Research Training Partnership) through the generous support of the Nova Scotia Health Foundation (NSHRF). PREP is a collaboration across Dalhousie University with current faculty partners being Medicine, Dentistry, Health Professions, and Graduate Studies.

The Program's audience consists of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members who are new or new-to-research, and exists to provide these groups with the education required to help build their careers and conduct quality research, in increasingly competitive environments.

Creation of PREP is the collective response to the need for a comprehensive support system, to build professional and research skills, as well as integrate current education necessary to develop a deeper understanding of practice.


To provide effective, timely, and necessary education, to help prepare trainees and faculty members, in their research careers.


  • Deliver essential education on professionalism and research
  • Uphold an atmosphere of professionalism, collegiality and collaboration¬†
  • Promote skillsets not accessible in academic programs
  • Provide education to complement current programs