Our Adjuncts

Gail Boone

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator & Consultant
Email: gailboone@ns.sympatico.ca

Paul Brown

Professor Emeritus
Email: paul.brown@dal.ca

Martine Durier-Copp

Director, Centre for Executive and Graduate Education, Dalhousie University
Email: Martine.durier-copp@dal.ca

Rick Fullerton

Fullerton Consulting 
Email: rick.fullerton@dal.ca

Lori Harrop

Anchor Communications
Email: harrop7@me.com

Richard Haworth

RTH Consultants 
Email: richard.haworth@dal.ca

Bruce Hennebury

Senior Director, Secretariat, Department of Communities Culture and Heritage 
Email: bruce.hennebury@dalca

Robert Moody

Aqsarniit Management Consulting Inc. 
Email: Robert.Moody@dal.ca

Paul Pross

Professor Emeritus 
Email: cpross@eastlink.ca

Fazley Siddiq

Dean and Professor of Economics and Finance, UNB Saint John 
Email: Fazley.Siddiq@dal.ca

Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith Consulting 
Email: Belinda.smith@dal.ca

James (Jim) Stewart

Special Advisor and Lecturer – Dalhousie University   
Email: jimstewart@dal.ca

Thomas Storring

Director, Economics and Statistics, NS Department of Finance 
Email: Thomas.Storring@Dal.Ca