Paul McKenna

Adjunct (FGS)

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Fax: (902) 494-2451


Research Clusters:

  • Information and society
  • Data, information and knowledge management
  • Educational and informational services
  • Human information interaction


  • BA (University of Toronto)
  • BEd (University of Toronto)
  • MA (University of Western Ontario)
  • MLS (University of Toronto)


I am particularly interested in several interrelated areas of information management, including information literacy, legal literature and librarianship, and the use of information within the public safety sector for intelligence and organizational improvement. My own research in the Canadian criminal justice system explores how knowledge management may be enhanced through collaborative efforts with a wide range of stakeholders and partners. Through my consulting practice I am able to participate in timely government policy projects dealing with public safety and policing initiatives that rely upon comparative and international research. It is exciting to bring all of these elements together within a classroom setting to inform discussion and dialogue with students allowing everyone to usefully combine information theory and practice. I am particularly invested in exploring some of the interdisciplinary aspects of the study of information management in order to broaden the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities of SIM students.