Leadership Framework

Our Leadership Development Framework is built on four leadership dimensions that reflect leading-edge practices, and integrate international and strategic issues to meet the specific needs and demands of client organizations.

Dalhousie's award-winning professors combine academic expertise with real private sector and public sector knowledge and experience to deliver a learning experience that is truly world class.

Expected Outcomes

The Leadership Development Program enables participants to acquire knowledge and relevant skills and competencies, to achieve the following:

  • Understand and demonstrate the leadership behaviours, attitudes, skills and competencies (BASC) of self-awareness, self-management, engagement, complexity and innovation
  • Effectively lead teams within, across and external to the organization
  • Lead responsibly and demonstrate values-based leadership
  • Demonstrate complexity and systems thinking through strategic analysis, problem identification and problem-solving capacity
  • Identify and implement innovative solutions to meet complex demands of the industry
  • Create and assess their own and other’s leadership development
  • Partner with others to increase organizational and leadership capacity overall