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Dean's Coffee Club (November)

Posted by Engineering Communications on November 15, 2018 in Events

Time & Location

9:30AM - 11:00AM

Romero Family Classroom, 1st Floor Emera IDEA Building
5283 Morris St, Halifax NS


Dr. John Newhook, Dean of Engineering, invites you to enjoy a  cup of coffee and learn more about exciting research taking place in the Faculty of Engineering:

“Can you trust the internet of things?”
What is the ‘internet of things’, and who is making sure you can trust it? Imagine a future where your smoke alarm can listen to your conversations, your lights are controlled by a foreign government, and your pet feeder refuses to work because you didn’t pay the monthly subscription fee. Dr. O’Flynn will introduce you to the research taking place in the Faculty to help keep you safe as we internet-connect more things used in our daily lives.

Presenter: Colin O’Flynn, PhD, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Please register by November 12th.