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Posted by Engineering Communications on July 28, 2017 in News

If you park in the Rosina lot on Sexton campus please note that paving will take place from Tuesday, August 1 until Saturday, August 5.

The paving will be done in two phases so that half the parking lot will still be available. The half closest to Morris Street will be done first. We apologize for the disruption, but expect there will be more available spaces at the end of the project when the lines are painted to maximize the space.


Also note that effective Monday, 29 July 2017, the East side door (the one facing the quad that goes to alumni lounge) of D building will be closed to normal traffic.  The closure is due to safety concerns. 

This door will remain useable as an EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY.  People wishing to exit may do so via the North door of D (onto the roadway), or via N building.

The closure is expected to remain in effect until 2 September 2017.

Thank you for your understanding.