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Spring 2023

   In this issue:

  • Discover how biomedical engineering students are taking part in revolutionary research
  • Learn how a new Dal Engineering student design team is providing students with more hands-on design experience in oceans engineering
  • Meet an alum inspiring diversity in future engineers and another alum raising awareness about mental health
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: We’re introducing you to a recent grad who’s working to bring an impressive tech solution to market

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Spring 2022

   In this issue:

  • Improving the quality of our water: Dalhousie researchers address challenges through innovative initiatives
  • Introducing the Modern Engineer: A look at our future engineering leaders
  • Recent Grad Profile: Dal Alumna helps children living with asthma breathe easier
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The next chapter in the Emera ideaHUB
  • Alumni Profile: A tribute to the great Pearl Sullivan
  • Faculty news, updates, and events

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Fall 2021

   In this issue:

  • How the faculty returned to campus safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Engineering aerospace technology that is out of this world
  • The Women in Engineering Society’s impact on and off campus
  • Updates from the Emera ideaHUB
  • New grad profile: Valuing Education beyond the classroom
  • Faculty news, updates, and events

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Spring 2020

   In this issue:

  • New ultrasound technology enhancing the lives of cancer patients
  • Engineering a solution to groundwater issues
  • Dal Engineering researchers utilizing expertise in COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Celebrating the life of Dalhousie’s first Engineering graduate

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Spring 2019

   In this issue:

  • Lab-on-a-chip technologies advance oceans research
  • Launching Dal’s new Emera ideaHUB
  • Saving the lives of stroke patients
  • Building Nova Scotia’s first satellite

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Spring 2018

   In this issue:

  • Introducing incoming Dean Dr. John Newhook
  • Making the Most of a Big IDEA: Updates on the Dalhousie IDEA Project
  • Engineering alumni making waves in marine tech
  • Entrepreneur is making a difference in India and at Dalhousie

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Spring 2017

   In this issue:

  • The future of Oceans Engineering – Dal gets ready to open new Oceans Engineering Hub
  • Improving Underwater Communications – Highlight on Faculty research project
  • The IDEA Project – Transforming Sexton Campus
  • The ChipWhisperer – Alumni Profile

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Fall 2014

   In this issue:

  • Her passion for oceans runs deep – Featuring Dr. Kathryn Moran, President and Chief Executive Officer, Exec for Ocean Networks Canada
  • Where sand meets surf – New IDEA Sandbox initiative
  • Safe coasts and oceans – Professor and Associate Scientific Director of MEOPAR, Ron Pelot
  • NSPDDC – Connecting the private sector with univeristy expertise and creativity
  • Lifetime Achievement – Alumni award winner Ronald Gilkie

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Spring 2014

   In this issue:

  • DeCell Technologies – Not just a ‘Band-aid’ solution
  • Goldcorp helps out – with a Professorship in Mineral Engineering
  • Push Strength – Inventors give athletes added PUSH
  • From Hantsport to Honolulu – Alumni spotlight
  • Rebirth of Drilling – in Nova Scotia
  • Bone Adhesive – Repairing bones with glue

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Fall 2013

   In this issue:

  • Flying high – industrial engineer at the controls
  • On the leading edge –  Joy Romero, Canadian Natural Resources
  • Engineering the future – Education through play
  • Where in the world is Dal Engineering – Alumni photo contest results
  • In for the long haul – Co-op students excel at Michelin  

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Spring 2013

   In this issue:

  • Start-up success to NIMS Lab – Ken Bowie
  • PEI Wind farm –  In conversation with Bill Andrew
  • Bright (green) – Future for fast-growing power provider
  • Growing the future – Re-designing engineering education
  • A gifted teacher – Dr. Ron Gilkie

Download Spring 2013 [PDF - 4.3 MB]

Fall 2012

    In this issue:

  • Partnering for Innovation – NSERC and Pratt & Whitney Canada partner on new Industrial Research Chair
  • Alumni Spotlight –  Wadih Fares’ Journey sprit, drive and giving back
  • Dal’s Engineering Olympic Connection – Alumni de Jonge and Giles share their shining moments
  • Lessons from the past – Innovative courses are making history

Download Fall 2012 [PDF - 5.4 MB]

Spring 2012

    In this issue:

  • Hanlon engineers – Marine research colloboration
  • Bold Ambitions –  Shell Experiential Learning Fund boosts recruitment of Dal students
  • Lesson Learned – Alumni spotlight, In Conversation with Dr. Feridun Hamdullapur, President of University of Waterloo
  • Engineering alumni shaped community, profession – John James Kinley (DipEng ’48) and Andy Eisenhauer (DipEng ’45)

Download Spring 2012 [PDF – 2.7 MB]

Fall 2011

    In this issue:

  • Electric Vehicles – Getting a real charge
  • Made in Nunavut –  An approach to dealing with wastewater
  • Improving the life of aircraft – Advanced materials expertise brings Boeing to Atlantic Canada
  • Know how to build bridges – Paving the way for student successs through scholarship fund

Download Fall 2011 [PDF - 0.9 MB]

Spring 2011


    In this issue:

  • From lab to industry – Design students solve real-world problems
  • Focused and balanced –  Alumni spotlight on Ivan Duvar – former president and CEO of Marititme Tel & Tel
  • i – Seismic activity – Mechanical engineering students using iphones/ipods for science experiments
  • Engineering a better future – Investing to make Dalhousie Engineering the best it can be

Download Spring 2011 [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Fall 2010


    In this issue:

  • Clean heat – Affordable and clean solar concentration technology
  • Doing the right thing –  Bringing a higher level of safety to offshore structures around the world
  • Education was the way out – In converstation with Dr. Richard Currie
  • A new home for water research – The Centre for Water Resource Studies has a home on Sexton campus

Download Fall 2010 [PDF - 1.2 MB]