Minor in Italian

Why choose a Minor in Italian?

The knowledge of Italian language, literature, arts, cinema, history and culture is an asset in contemporary society. It allows you to meaningfully interact in a second (or third, or fourth) language, and it is productively instrumental to the study of a range of disciplines, from the sciences to the arts, and is particularly relevant to the study of music, aesthetics and art history. At Dalhousie University students can now obtain an Italian Minor by means of accumulating a minimum total of 3 full credits. That is, 6 semesters of classes in Italian.

The Italian Program at Dalhousie focuses on a range of topics from national cinema to cuisine, as well as intense language classes, to provide the student with an in-depth knowledge of Italian history and culture. We are also fortunate to have a very active student society in Amici Miei, who organize a number of events and activities.

An Italian Minor is an excellent complement to any Major and it reflects a student’s ability to work in a socio-cultural and linguistic context other than her or his native one. Finally, it really looks good in your transcripts.

Degree Requirements for a Minor

__ Italian 2010.06 (two semesters) Intermediate Italian Language

__ any 0.3 credit (one semester) class in Italian at any level

__ any 0.3 credit (one semester) class in Italian at any level

__ any 0.3 credit (one semester) class in Italian at any level. For example: Ital 2200 Modern Italian Culture and Cuisine; Ital 2201 – Survey of Italian Literature; Ital 2061 History of Baroque Italy

__ any 0.3 credit (one semester) class in Italian at the 3000 level. For example: Ital 3300 Twentieth Century Italian Literature OR Ital 3700 Theatre, Spectacle and Drama in Italy OR Ital 3600 Italian National Cinema

A minor in Italian can be combined with any major, any minor, or combination thereof. While not counting for a Minor in Italian, the Italian for Beginners class (Ital 1010.06, two consecutive semesters) fulfills a Language Requirement at Dalhousie.

The Italian Studies Program at Dalhousie is the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada, and it can provide a unique addition to your undergraduate degree. Please visit http://italian.dal.ca for more information.