Pouch cell studies

Use of pouch-type Li-ion cells

High precision coulometry studies of electrolyte additives require extremely reproducible cells, preferably cells made by automated machinery.  We work with industrial partners like Tesla and Panasonic, who supply us cells for certain experiments.  However, we have learned that industrial suppliers often do not want to make large numbers of cells for fundamental studies.  Therefore, we have begun purchasing dry Li-ion pouch cells that we can fill with whatever electrolyte we want so that precision studies of the impact of additives can be made.  These 220 mAh pouch cells are highly reproducible, as expected for machine-made cells.

Figure 1 - Dry Pouch Cell

Figure 2 - Pouch Sealer
Sealer control module on top of glove box.
Pouch cell vacuum sealer located with a glove box. Using this equipment, we fill the pouch cells with any electrolyte we want.