Internship 3: Sustainable Systems

Our goal at the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) is to be a model of sustainable living; our belief is that our campus is our greatest teaching tool where everyone is an educator. We value interns as collaborators and innovators who strive to make a difference not only within our strong, local community, but also at an international level. We are committed to social responsibility, environmental management, and working together toward one-planet living.

Internship Responsibilities
Each internship will involve supporting the daily operations of the organization and will also involve one systems project that the selected intern will be responsible for developing under the supervision of a sustainability teacher. Additionally, interns will typically be responsible for:

  • Solar design and installation methods
  • Biodiesel production and supplying diesel to Island School vehicles and equipment.
  • Assisting in the development of innovative methods to utilize waste as energy
  • Exploring methods for natural treatment of waste streams such as mycoremediation
  • Developing Anaerobic digestion systems for biodiesel production waste and human sanitary waste
  • Maintaining and organizing an inventory of tools and equipment in the workshop

Internship Requirements

  • This position requires flexibility, perseverance, and the ability to work long hours with a can-do attitude. The ideal applicant:
    • 18+ and undergraduate students at Dalhousie University with a minimum of 3rd year standing at the time of the internship placement
    • Has an interest in engineering, environmental science, architecture, sustainability, or other related field
    • Able to work independently, as part of a team, and be adaptable to a flexible schedule.
    • Comfortable working outdoors and physically fit; able to lift 10 lbs or more.

Apply for this Position
Please send the following via email ( with the subject line QES Scholarship Application:

  • Cover Letter (please specify which session you are applying for)
  • Resume (be certain to list any boat licences, swimming levels, and/or scuba certifications)
  • Copy (non-official is fine) of current Dalhousie University transcript
  • 3 References (Name, Company, and Contact Information)
  • One-page essay on how the internship will benefit you and your future career goals.