About QES at Dal

The Dalhousie University QES program focuses on the professional development of young people who have a desire to make a change for an environmentally and socially sustainable future. This program offers the following opportunities:

  1. Undergraduate students interested in sustainability and environmental issues who are selected by the Dalhousie QES committee will take part in a 3-month international internship at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. The internship allows Canadian students to gain hands on experience in conservation science research, environmental education, general systems (biodiesel, solar, wastewater management), food security, ecological health, aquaponics and/or permaculture at the Cape Eleuthera Institute (www.ceibahamas.org) and the Centre for Sustainable Development (www.csdbahamas.org) in the Bahamas.
  2. Graduate students who are enrolled at the University of the Bahamas, and who are selected by the Dalhousie QES committee will be offered the opportunity to complete one academic term of graduate studies at Dalhousie University - giving them an international study experience and the opportunity to take courses that might not be available to them at their home university.

For both the Outgoing Interns and Inbound Scholars, the focus of their work will be on projects and study that help to inform innovative solutions to complex sustainability and community issues. In addition, all QEScholars are expected to participate in community engagement activities while they are scholars. Community engagement can be directly related to their QES internship, or it can be volunteering in the community in which the internship takes place. Each QEScholar is required to report on all of their community engagement activities and the university will also report each scholar’s activities in their annual report.