About QES at Dal

Dalhousie's QES program began in summer 2015 and will run until autumn 2019.  It brings together 8 of Dalhousie’s long-established Commonwealth partners (3 universities and 5 NGOs) in an innovative way, to increase the skills of young Commonwealth citizens and to support development interventions in the partner countries which target regional or national priorities.

The program offers international opportunities for Dalhousie students across 4 faculties:

  • Graduate students in Marine Management (or related programs) can apply for available internships in the Caribbean;
  • Graduate students in Global Health fields and International Development Studies (IDS) can apply for funded scholarships to conduct thesis-related field research in Tanzania and Uganda; and
  • Senior undergraduate and graduate students in Global Health fields, International Development Studies and Agriculture can apply for internships with NGOs in Uganda and Tanzania.

Dal is also welcoming graduate students from Commonwealth countries as part of this project:

On completion of their placements, all Canadian Scholars are required to develop and deliver public engagement activities related to their work, in coordination with civil society organizations based in Nova Scotia and / or their home regions in Canada.