Information & Instructions - Please Read

Please note that submission of your forms is due on the first Thursday of every month. Please ensure that your documents are submitted prior to your expiry date. You can check ROMEO for your current start and end dates. 

Researchers, reviewers and signing authorities can now use the online portal to perform their animal ethics tasks in the application process from anywhere with an internet connection.     

If you or your lab require individual training, you can sign up by submitting a training request.

As of September 2019 we would like everyone to begin using the portal to submit their animal ethics protocol documentation. This will allow researchers to better track their documents, expiry notices, grants, and allow for more control over document submission. 

Protocol application forms

All current protocol application forms are now submitted via ROMEO, starting September 2019. However, Appendicies provide additional information to help complete details that are not included on the forms, please include these with your online submission as needed. NOTE: Please use lay language when completing the forms.

Form A

This application form is required for most projects that propose to use vertebrates or cephalopods in research, teaching, or testing at Dalhousie University. Sections 1-9 of the Form A must be completed by everyone.  Relevant attachments should be included if applicable. See below for attachments that can be downloaded, filled in, and then uploaded into ROMEO. I recommend filling them in and saving them as PDF files to upload to ROMEO with your form A.


Form B

Renewals and amendments are now submitted via events on your approved form A. These events are used to renew a protocol for a further year and/or to make minor changes to a protocol. Please submit via ROMEO


Form C

This application form may be used for work involving invertebrates (other than cephalopods), tissue cultures, tissues obtained from necropsy or from a slaughterhouse, the use of eggs, protozoa or other single celled organisms. Please submit via ROMEO


In compliance with Tri-Council and CCAC requirements, Dalhousie’s Research Services is not permitted to release research funds until documentation of all necessary approvals is received (for example animal ethics, human ethics, biohazard and radiation permits). It is the investigator’s responsibility to ensure that protocols are up-to-date and that the documentation is provided to Research Services in a timely fashion.   Please allow sufficient time for animal ethics review and resolution of any subsequent questions or clarifications. Protocols must be fully approved before Financial Services opens the account.

Peer review for scientific merit

Information found in Appendix 2. [Doc - 23kB]

Deadlines & meetings

The Committee meets monthly. See submission deadlines for each meeting. This deadline is for electronic submission via ROMEO. Please note that the PI is responsible for tracking their start and end dates of their projects, and should submit a renewal prior to their project end date allowing time for review before the expiry date.

Questions arising from the application are sent out after the meeting and may need to be reviewed by the full Committee at another meeting before approval is granted. Please be sure to allow enough time for these possibilities.

UCLA Review & Committee

The University Committee on Laboratory Animals reviews animal protocol applications to determine if proposed projects meet ethical guidelines established by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC). The main ethical principle used in evaluating animal projects is the principle of the 3R’s- Replacement, Refinement, and Reduction. The Committee may, at times, make suggestions or recommendations for changes in a protocol that will enhance animal care and welfare. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in completing the protocol application form. The Committee welcomes discussion with investigators to find solutions to problematic issues


The principal investigator’s digital signature is required on all protocol applications. The PI is responsible for all information in the protocol and related correspondence and for ensuring that all work has been fully approved and is being done according to the approved protocol.


  • Form A: Application to use animals for research or teaching - ethics review - submit via ROMEO
  • Form B: Renewal and amendment form (EVENT tab on approved protocol) - submit via ROMEO
  • Form C: Application to use invertibrates, tissues obtained from necropsy, or obtained from a slaughterhouse, - submit via ROMEO



  • Attachment A [Doc - 23kB]: Part 1 & 2: Anesthesia and Surgery (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment B [Doc - 83kB]: Progress Report (Note: Attachment B is different from Form B) (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment C [Doc - 16kB]: Teaching (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment D [Doc - 38kB]: Field Studies (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment E [Doc - 50kB]: Hazardous Agents (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment F [Doc - 45kB]: Breeding Colonies (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment G [Doc - 36kB]: Immunization of Animals (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment H [Doc - 34kB]: Tumors, Stem Cells, and Other Biological Materials (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment I [Doc - 29kB]: Regulatory Testing (updated August, 2015)
  • Attachment J [Doc - 31kB]: Use of Laboratory Animals Outside of Animal Facilities (updated August, 2015)

Attachments for Corporate Partners only

  • Master Checklist 
  • Scientific Peer Review of Animal Research Proposals from Corporate Partners
  • Attachment K: Novel/Uncharacterized Compound Risk Assessment
  • Attachment L: Access of Corporate Partners to Animal Care Facilities for research involving chemical and biological hazards and risks

*Please contact to access these forms


Where to send your forms

*NEW SEPTEMBER 2019, all Form A's and Form B's are submitted via ROMEO.

Note: All forms must be submitted electronically by the first Thursday of every month in order to be reviewed at the next UCLA meeting.

Please submit all relevant forms via ROMEO, the Form A can be completed online, and the attachments can be uploaded as needed. 

Protocols are approved for a one year period. At the end of the one year a Form B renewal may be submitted to request a further year extension. At the end of this two year period, a new Form A must be re-submitted for a full review.