Securing funding is a key part of your application to the IDPhD Program. On the Faculty of Graduate Studies website, you will find information on:

Helpful funding information for IDPhD students

  • Keep your eyes open for funding opportunities that are directed specifically to first-year students, such as the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship - an award for which only incoming students can apply.
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies receives applications for a number of specialized scholarships through the Harmonized Scholarship Process. Take time to review the FGS webpage on applying for funding. Many applications are due in the fall of every year.
  • Reach out to your supervisor early for scholarship guidance; IDPhD is also available to help.
  • The IDPhD program does not normally offer entrance scholarships; all applicants are expected to submit an acceptable plan for the first two years of the program.  Exceptions to this may, on rare occasions, be made.
  • The IDPhD program does invite IDPhD students who are in years 3-6 to apply for funding to support the completion of their program.

Interested in becoming a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistant (TA) positions might not be readily available for Interdisciplinary PhD students. If you are interested in a TA position, you should connect first with the departments that are represented on your program committee. TA positions at Dalhousie are posted only within the academic department that is offering the course in question. Ask your supervisor and committee members to forward you TA job descriptions as they are posted.