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What is Family Business?

Researchers have made many attempts to define what is meant by “family business” and there has been considerable debate about whether to use the term “family business” or “business family”.

Watch our video to learn more about family business and how the Centre can help!

Relatively Speaking - Family Firms Sharing Solutions

Specialist education, research and outreach are helping Atlantic Canada's family firms

From farms and franchises to big box retailers, family-owned or operated businesses employ approximately half of Canada’s workforce.  Yet from sibling squabbles to poor succession planning, this type of enterprise tends to face a specific set of challenges – challenges our Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity is helping to manage, moderate and mitigate.  Learn more from three members of family business we interviewed -

Christina Pace, Fiona Diamond and Lee Bragg


Read the full story from the 2014 Faculty of Management Magazine

It's true you can't choose your family... but you can choose the Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity.