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Studley Campus Public Parking

Free parking evenings & weekends around the Arts Centre and Killam Library

Studley Campus Parking Locations & Times

Public Parking locations and number of parking spaces available (approximate). 
4:30 pm to 1:30 am weekdays and all day weekends. 

Building Number of spots
1. Hancock 122
2. Biology 98
3. Dunn & Chemistry 130
4. Studley 27
5. McCain Parkade 86 (pay & display)
6. Arts Centre 12
7. Weldon Law 4
8. Robie Lot 23
9. Glengarry 20
10. CSB 218
12. SUB 12
13. Killam Circle 24
14. LeMarchat Place 52
15. Alumni Crescent 109
16. Dalplex 160
17. Shirref Hall 10
18. Steele Ocean Sciences 35

Click here to download the Studley Campus parking map

Displaying your permit

Permit holders must display a valid permit at all times. Failure to display a valid permit will result in a parking ticket and the vehicle may be towed or immobilized at the owner’s expense

Day Parking Permit

Day passes are intended only for surface lots and excludes all parkades, reserved, handicap, and ride share spots. Please visit our Parking Rates page for more information on parking passes. 

Contact Us

Halifax Campus

Security Services Office
Marion McCain Building, 6135 University Avenue
(902) 494-6400 |  parking@dal.ca

Truro Campus

(902) 893-4190 |  safetyandsecurity@dal.ca