Highly Qualified Persons

NELS provides mentorship and project support to assist highly qualified persons (HQP) with research and other expertise to expand their skills and build research in End of Life.

Trainees come from various academic disciplines. They include New Investigators, Post Doctoral Fellows, and Doctoral and Master students, as well as staff, and Clinical and other Fellows.  The majority were associated with NELS ICE, but few (*) predated and helped provide a base for receiving the CIHR ICE research grant.  Others (**) became associated with NELS after the funding from CIHR for the ICE project ended.

New Investigators

Melissa Andrew
Yukiko Asada
Alix Carter
Heather Castleden
Trevor Dummer
Rebecca Earle
Jan Jensen
Michael Iwama*
Sue Korol
Monique Lanoix
Emily Marshall
Delores Mullings
Brenda Sabo**
Yoko Yoshida

Master's Students

Julie Avery
Parveen Brar
Jessica Dooley
Margaret Donahue
Jun Gao
Jennifer Gillis
Rodd Clarke
Farhana Kanth
Junaid Kapra
Ruth Lavergne
André Maddison
Suha Masalmeh
Caroline McNamee
Shauna McVorran
Andy Muise
Patricial Murray
Meaghan O'Brien*
Skylan Parker*
Sheri Roach
Sarbjeet Singh
Dorothy Wang
Hao Wu
Jennifer Williams
Hillary Woodside
Alison Zwaagstra

Post Doctoral Fellows

Judith Fisher
Victor Maddalena

Doctoral Students

Dorothy Barnard
Rebecca Earle
Debra Orton**
Cathy Simpson
Robin Urquhart

Clinical / Admin / Other

Christine Beck
Anne Frances d'Intino
Lynn Lethbridge
Nicole McQuinn
Grace Parks
Dorianne Rheaume
Elsie Rolls
Cheryl Tschupruk**
Joanne Young