Intervention and Engagement: A Maritime Perspective

Edited by Robert H. Edwards and Ann L. Griffiths
May 2003
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ISBN 978-1-896440-41-X
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There are many differing perspectives in the field of Security Studies; however, the one point all parties agree upon is that we live in dangerous and demanding times. For policy-makers, maritime forces are essential enablers in addressing the turbulent world of today. This essential collection of papers and commentaries outlines the evolving nature of the maritime dimensions of ‘intervention’ and ‘engagement.’

The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies is therefore both pleased and proud to announce the publication of its latest monograph, the 2002 conference proceedings “Intervention and Engagement: A Maritime Perspective.”

This important edited volume encompasses the expert analysis of twenty-eight leading authorities - from academics, policymakers, and military personnel both serving and retired – who explore the issues from a range of viewpoints including the conceptual and political levels, and from the military-strategic and operational levels to provide a comprehensive and international analysis.

“Intervention” is explored to address the current emphasis in Western military thought on employing expeditionary capabilities in response to emerging crisis situations around our conflict stricken world. “Engagement” is evaluated not only to explore but also to compel those married to alternative perspectives to debate the need for military and other coercive forms of intervention to establish the security basis necessary for development. The point of departure for this investigation is that maritime forces are “enablers of policy” and provide essential capabilities to be used in synergy with many others to achieve political objectives ashore.

The volume specifically addresses the security community as the Department of National Defence works towards determining its strategy, doctrine, capabilities and force structure of the future. From the Canadian perspective, specific attention is applied to how ‘Intervention and Engagement’ can be used to implement the basic principles and tenets of Canadian Foreign Policy, such as ‘protecting Canadian security within a stable global framework.’

The book provides analysts, policymakers and policy-practitioners alike with the maritime perspective surrounding the many issues concerning expeditionary operations, intervention and engagement in our current international context. The volume is an indispensable guide to describing the utility of maritime forces in facilitating both government policies and promoting international cooperation during a period when Canada’s allies are a crucial and irreplaceable component of its national capability.

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