What Are We Working on Now?

Primary Studies
We are completing several complementary projects related to prognosis and management of low back pain, currently focused on the emergency department setting, including prospective and retrospective data analyses, and qualitative study designs.

Active and upcoming projects include an assessment of the use of diagnostic imaging and opioids for low back pain in local Nova Scotian emergency departments.

Evidence Synthesis Studies
Our team members are involved in activities of the Cochrane Back and Neck Group and the Cochrane Prognosis Methods Group.

We are currently completing a large-scale Cochrane Review of the effectiveness of exercise therapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain. This review includes over 200 trials and will serve as a pilot for our newly funded systematic review collaborative production approach (we are calling it a ‘Network Systematic Review’).

We recently completed one of the first prognostic factor systematic reviews within Cochrane. This review, examined the impact of patient expectations of recovery on low back pain prognosis.