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Engaging in high-impact research

Yellow circles make up the shape of a microscope

Accelerating solutions to global challenges

What unifies Dalhousie’s researchers is a steadfast commitment to work together to find solutions to some of the most complex challenges of our time and a dedication to social impact projects. Recognizing that global solutions will only be found through interdisciplinary co-operation, Dalhousie University has created a vibrant and uniquely collaborative research environment that inspires outcomes that matter.

Our East Coast home is a hub for global change

Dalhousie is a collaborative hub, uniting researchers with a commitment to interdisciplinary problem-solving. Engaging in high-impact research focuses on accelerating this vital work, positioning Dalhousie University as a research powerhouse with a vision for a better future for all and providing extraordinary learning experiences.

Find solutions to local and global challenges

Through giving, you can help accelerate high-impact research that has a positive effect on individuals, communities, and the world.